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Genetic Disorders Treatment in South Delhi

Genetic Syndromes (Down syndrome and others)

Down syndrome (Down syndrome and others)

All over the world, approximately 1 in 800 children are born with DS. These children differ slightly and need a little more care as compared to normal children to realize their potential. DS is the most common known cause of somewhat reduced intellectual capacity among children.
Every child is different from another child. Due to the difference in their genetic material (chromosomes), children with DS learn to walk and talk later than other children of the same age, but finally achieve these skills. However, their intellectual and physical capabilities have mild to-moderate delay as compared to other children. They may have difficulty with reading and writing, but they like music, are pleasant, are liked by others, and have a friendly nature.
Most children with DS need some special care for their daily needs and schooling. Children with DS require time-to-time health checkups

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